Trash Collection & Sanitation Services

  • The experience and resources we possess allow us to reliably serve the customer and respond quickly to special service needs.
  • Our trucks will quickly respond to customer needs and concerns.
  • Our roller-carts and commercial dumpsters are routinely inspected and repaired in order to maintain functional usage and a neat image.
  • Residential Service

    • 95 Gallon Roller-Cart
    • Curbside Bag Service

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  • Commercial Service

    • Large volume commercial service includes dumpsters ranging from 2 to 8 cubic yard capacity.
    • Small volume commercial service includes a 95-gallon roller-cart.

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  • Sanitation Services

    • Special Event Toilets
    • Construction/Industrial Toilets
    • Handicap Toilets
    • Hand Washing Stations
    • Holding Tank Service

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  • Roll-Off Service

    • Temporary and permanent 20, 30 and 40 cubic yard open top containers
    • Self-contained large volume compactors
    • TCEQ Sludge Transporter

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We Serve The Following Texas Counties


Piney Woods East Texas Service Area Map